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[eBook] Learn and Practice Kanji Level 1 Workbook

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Learn and Practice Kanji Level 1 Workbook

Are you a Japanese beginner looking to learn kanji?
Then you probably heard that kanji is the “tougher” part of learning Japanese.

The good news? Learning kanji can be straightforward and EASY.

How? With Learn and Practice Kanji Level 1. This 189-page, 23-lesson workbook teaches you 107+ kanji through 5 simple steps:
1) You learn a maximum of 5 kanji per lesson — no overload or huge lists to memorize
2) You learn special mnemonics so you can easily remember characters.
Once you see the pictures (pictographs) that the kanji are based on — you’ll never forget them again.
3) You practice reading with special exercises.
4) You practice writing with simple, stroke-by-stroke tutorials.
5) You can test yourself with the Challenge exercises… to make the kanji stick.

And, of course, you learn over Japanese words along the way.
By the end, you’ll be reading and writing kanji with confidence… while other learners continue struggling “to make sense” of these characters.

So, get a copy of Learn and Practice Kanji Level 1 today!

Note: Learn and Practice Kanji Level 1 is a complementary workbook for Can Do Japanese, our Japanese language textbook for Absolute Beginners.