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[Audiobook] Learn English: Discover American Culture & Traditions (Sports in America)

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Are you learning English? Then one of the BEST ways to speak and understand more English is to learn more words. Words that are relevant to American daily life and culture. These will make you sound like a native speaker.

Since Americans love sports, with 
“Learn English: Discover American Culture & Traditions (Sports in America)"by, you’ll learn sports related vocab and insights.

The best part? You’ll be able to speak with native speakers about one of their most-loved topics - sports! Imagine how happy they’ll be when they see you’re able to talk about their favorite teams.

• Learn American Sports with Easy Lessons
• 25 Lessons – Around 2 Hours & 20 Minutes of Audio Lessons
• 80+ Pages of BONUS Lesson Notes so you can read along

Lessons Include:
• Top 5 Most Famous Sports Controversies!
• Top 5 Most Famous Athletes in Basketball
• College Sports vs. Professional Sports
• All About Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Hockey & More

Perfect for beginners and experienced learners. Listen, repeat and read along. You learn native-level words that textbooks don’t teach you. You learn about American sports. And, you speak and understand more English.